Types of Inventions

There are some very special days in every woman’s life: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and other holidays celebrating special qualities of life. What women don’t seem to know (at least not these days) is that there are plenty of “innovations” for women in industries ranging from food service to engineering. One of the most unique is the invention of the popcorn popper. Women have been popping popcorn for ages – and now it can be done with a touch of a button! This isn’t your father’s birthday party any more – women invented the pop up popcorn popper.

Invent Help

When looking at the list of inventions throughout history, we can learn a lot by looking at what the inventors were able to accomplish. An example of such a study is the invention of the cotton hat. The hat has come a long way from its humble origins as a head protection. As women and men alike discovered that it was much easier to wear a hat then it was to deal with feathers or hat pins, the hat quickly became an accessory. What makes this particular invention stand out is the fact that it was one of many inventors who saw an opportunity in a problem that had existed for centuries.

One of the more interesting things to note about female inventions is that very few of them produced anything that could remotely be considered a practical invention. The closest things to be called inventions were the ones that changed the way we dress. What occurred over the course of several hundred years is that women began to add corsets to their clothing so that they would have a shapely waistline. While these corsets certainly helped women look better, none of these new inventions provided a practical method for doing so.

One of the earliest inventions was the paraffin boiler. This was created by a German named Robert Patera after he had been trying for years to create a device that would produce hot water using only the heat of the air. Although he was unsuccessful in developing a paraffin boiler, he did manage to come up with a way to cook with hot water using paraffin. This was not an improvement on the previous methods, but it was a significant step forward in bringing paraffin to the public.

The final category is labeled “ocial invention.” These are inventions that have social benefits to the user, the creator, and/or the people around them. An excellent example of a social invention is the umbrella. This was developed by an inventor in order to provide enough shade for an umbrella to cover a person while still providing adequate light for daytime use. Many different groups of people could benefit from having this invention, but it is still useful today.

There are still plenty of new inventions being developed every day. Some of the more interesting ones include hearing aids and the telephone. Others include baby monitors and toothbrushes that remove the need for messy dentists. In all cases, an invention becomes public when it is created by an inventor. While many people can point to an invention as being their own, there are times when an invention is so useful that it becomes public property.