Can I Really Create Cloud Computing environments in My House?

What is cloud for business? Today, we will exploring the following few questions: How do you secure your information? What does a cloud migrate strategy entail? What does cloud security look like? And, what is a cloud maintenance plan?

As we look at these topics, you will find that there are many options for moving your business to the cloud and leveraging it for business. You may have heard about some of the choices already – Google Docs, SharePoint, or other web based document storage and collaboration products. But, did you know that you can take some of these solutions and build them into your on-premise IT stack?.

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For example, by using SharePoint, you could take an existing email, calendar, contact lists and content management system and change the business rules so that only people on the email distribution list would see the important emails. This is only one way to take an on-premise system and make it work in the cloud. In fact, you may already have some of the key components to create a cloud solution – if you have an email server, database, CRM, or any of the other tools that you would need to leverage the cloud for business, then you can probably use these components in the cloud and change the on-premises ones to fit with your cloud environment.

If you don’t have any of the infrastructure to bring in-house, you can save money by leveraging your in-house experts. Many small businesses have IT departments – and IT professionals have unique skills that many businesses don’t have. By hiring people who specialize in specific cloud services or technologies – such as web services, application development, database administration, testing, integration, or deployment – you can save a lot of money on hiring external experts to provide these services. If you have a good team already in-house, then use them. Otherwise, bring in an expert from outside the company and find someone who specializes in the cloud services your business needs.