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Innovation Tips is one of the best books on innovation that I have personally read. In the foreword, Robert Kiyosaki mentions that his book is written from a Japanese perspective, and that it addresses issues unique to Japan. However, I think that the book would be well served if it had been translated into English, as I did experience some of the same issues. The book contains many lessons on innovation that are relevant to business leaders in the USA today, and this book provides much information on how to start your own business.

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Robert Kiyosaki does an excellent job of describing what innovation is, and what drives innovation. He also goes into why and how sometimes it is better to not innovate, and when you should do it and how to implement it for maximum benefits. The four chapters in the book pertain to business, and deal with the nature of businesses, why they should innovate, who should innovate, and what kind of activities should be innovated. I agree with one thing that the book said early on, that innovation can create winners.

Many businesses think that innovation can solve all their problems, but that’s not true. The reason why businesses become stale is because they do not innovate. Usually what happens in a stagnant business is that innovation becomes redundant due to a lack of activity. That means that innovation tips should focus on making sure that innovation is done often, and not just once or twice. The more innovation there is, the better the chances are for survival.

One of the themes that I found in this book was about thinking through the innovation process from the ground up. This is probably very different than what most business leaders are used to. Often innovation is viewed as reacting to problems after the fact, or perhaps forward-looking. The Kiyosaki innovation tips focus on starting the innovation process from the ground up, which makes a lot of sense, and also makes it easier for an entrepreneur to get motivated.

Another point that I really liked was how Kiyosaki emphasizes teamwork. Innovation should not be something that you do on your own. It needs to be led by a team, and if one person innovates, more people should be able to get involved and help. Once someone starts to try their hand at innovation, the others need to be behind them to help with the implementation, and the testing. The goal here is to make sure that innovation is something that everyone can get involved in. This will increase the odds of success greatly.

Kiyosaki also has a lot of other industry specific innovation tips as well. For example, he talks about how you can save so much money on R&D when you outsource your innovation. As an entrepreneur you should be outsourcing as many things as possible. Kiyosaki even goes as far as to say that innovation should be seen as a growth strategy, rather than as an expense that must be incurred at the time it is needed. In essence, he is telling you that innovation should become a way of life instead of something that should be done at a certain time period.