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An employment recruitment agency is a company that matches employees to suitable employers based on skills, experience, and specific job requirements. In most developed countries, there are several privately owned recruitment agencies and a commonly publicly-funded government-run recruitment agency. Because of the high number of privately run recruitment companies, it is difficult to tell which ones are best.

It is not uncommon for recruitment agencies to hire individuals directly rather than screening them through a recruitment agency or an employer. This practice is common in countries where the recruitment process is administered directly by the government such as the United Kingdom, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Private recruitment firms are also commonly used by companies to hire temporary employees rather than hiring an entire new staff. Hiring an individual directly allows employers greater control over the quality and quantity of applicants, they are exposed to. Additionally, it allows them greater leeway in determining the fees that are required for recruitment services.

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Recruitment agencies differ greatly in their level of service and commitment to hiring the right candidates for any job. When hiring, employers must take all necessary precautions to screen their potential candidates, hire only the most qualified people, and meet any legal obligations related to employment.

If hiring an individual, the employer must carefully consider whether the person has all the skills, education, work experience, and personality required for the job. Once hired, the recruitment agency takes over responsibility for evaluating the potential candidate and reporting to the employer regarding any results.