Asbestos Surveys – Not All Surveys Are Created Equally

Asbestos Surveys is a team of certified experts that offering asbestos surveys nationwide for both commercial and multi-family residential real estate projects. These surveys are performed by trained surveyors who have many years experience and expertise in the safe handling, disposal and repair of asbestos materials. Partner’s certified professionals remain up-to-date with federal, state and local regulations and certification requirements.

They are also licensed and insured under the National Survey for Quality Assurance (NASS). This means that should asbestos material or products be discovered during or after construction of a structure, asbestos surveying can be done prior to the groundbreaking to ensure compliance with asbestos regulations.

Asbestos Surveys’ goal is to provide the knowledge necessary to assist you and your building occupants with asbestos management and assistance. We are aware that asbestos is a known or probable human carcinogen (cancer causing substance) and it may be present in your home.

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You should be aware of your health risk and concerns and seek advice from an asbestos survey consultant prior to having the asbestos material removed or repaired or before buying any product made from asbestos. You can have your asbestos survey conducted by yourself or by a qualified professional company within your locality. Either way, if there is a reasonable concern about possible health risks, you should get a professional opinion.

Pre-renovation asbestos survey generally refers to a pre-insulation survey performed on pre-existing buildings. It is used to determine if the building material contains asbestos and to see if the amount and quality of insulation in the building material are adequate to protect occupants. If not, a pre-renovation asbestos survey will be required. A pre-renovation asbestos survey is usually performed by a qualified asbestos surveyor who has received the appropriate training for the job.