What Is a Private Bodyguard?

A private bodyguard is any kind of security guard, police officer, or military service member that guards a public or private individual – usually high-ranking military personnel, rich and famous individuals, or members of the press. A private bodyguard is often times a member of the legal defense team of a lawyer or a judge, and works for the protection of their client’s assets. A private bodyguard will also protect politicians, celebrities, CEOs, business executives, royalty, and sports figures from unwanted danger on the job.

They often work in the front lines of protection as bodyguards for celebrities and rich individuals. Many private bodyguards also work for the safety of other public figures such as school or college principals, school and city police departments, business owners, and bus drivers.

When choosing which bodyguard company to hire for your security detail, it is important to make sure that the security detail has the proper background, experience, and equipment to ensure the protection of your loved ones. You must also make sure the company will not leave your client and/or himself in any dangerous situation while he or she is on the job. There are many security detail companies that offer a variety of services, but only a few provide each of the following for their clients:

Escorts/Bodyguards, Secret Service, Security Officers, Escort Carrier, Shuttle Cabs, Escort Bus, Secret Service Vehicle, Prison escort, Prison Shuttle, and Escort Car. These are just some of the services that the security detail offers. Each one of these services requires a different skill set, training, and the ability to work under pressure.

Personal Security Guard Cost

Escorts are allowed to follow up to a car may to ensure the client isn’t there with a weapon or subject. Escort cars are also able to follow up to a client’s home or business to ensure the client isn’t there performing illegal activities. If the client is being escorted from one location to another by an Escort Car, there is a chance that the client may get lost, get injured, become confused, and/or get into an accident.

For this reason, Escort Companies reserve the right to refuse to transport their clients to any destination if they have reasonable suspicion that the client is being abused, lied to, or does not have the skills required to safely travel. If an Escort fails to follow these guidelines, then they can be legally responsible for any mishap that occurs as a result of their negligence.