From Enchanted Learning, a wonderful A to Z history of famous inventions

From Enchanted Learning, a wonderful A to Z history of famous inventions and other ingenious ways to do things. All about Inventors, from Cyber Sleuth kids to famous inventors like Henry Ford. From inventions timeline, alphabetical listing all on one page for quick research. Information on Famous Inventions. The best part is, you get it all here before you.

” Ivanhoe, the electric motor, was invented by a man named Richard C. Laramy. He received a patent for his idea on 1 July 18awarteenth, 1887.” – Wikipedia ” Edison Electric motors were made possible with inventions of new substances and methods for their execution. One such method was to make use of a shellac bulb filled with wax, within an insulated metallic case, as an alternative to candles.” – Popular Science Magazine “Improvements have been made in batteries a great deal since their first appearance about four centuries ago. The development of compounds such as carbon nanotubes, which are more powerful, durable and lightweight have contributed to developments in this area.”

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There are many inventions that have been around for thousands of years, but only a few that are still alive today. If you’re looking for information on the most famous inventions or just those that have been patented recently, this website can provide it to you. It’s full of interesting, little-known facts on inventions and patent histories. It’s a great site to check out and to share your knowledge.