Find the Best Deal on Car Insurance Today

Online insurance comparison websites are an excellent way to save yourself money on your auto insurance. However, which one is actually the best? Online price comparison websites allow you to search and compare quotes form many different auto insurance providers all at once. This means that you are able to see all of the available options side by side, and make an informed decision as to which provider is best for you. Here is a guide to help you find the best car insurance comparison website.

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A good insurance comparison site offers user reviews. If a site offers user reviews, it is likely that this is an indication that the site is reliable. User reviews let users voice their opinions about products so that other people can see how accurate quotes are. They also provide a means for insurance comparison companies to learn about the feedback of their customers.

Some insurance comparison sites offer lead generation sites. These sites will connect users who have already provided information on their auto insurance quotes to consumers looking for more information. By pairing consumers with potential providers, these lead generation sites send out emails to every contact on a given list informing them that a quote is available from this provider. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes insurance buyers to receive multiple quotes.

Good comparison websites also give consumers the option to purchase their policy online or over the phone. Buying your insurance policy online saves consumers the time of driving to an agent’s office, sitting in traffic, and speaking with long-winded agents. Phone purchasing saves money, because the service does not have to be maintained. However, most insurance companies do require consumers to speak with a live agent.

It is important to compare car insurance quotes from many different companies. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to clients who purchase their coverage online, because they save money on overhead costs. Also, consumers can save money by taking advantage of multi-line discounts. For instance, some companies will give discounts if the consumer purchases both auto insurance quotes through their website and via phone.

Finally, consumers should take advantage of esurance’s free, no-cost customer service card. By using esurance’s card, consumers can receive five free car insurance quotes within the first five minutes. The card gives a person access to a total of fifty car insurance providers, and all they need to do to receive multiple quotes is provide their name, phone number, address, and license number. This tool makes finding the lowest rates fast and simple, because consumers can instantly receive multiple quotes for free.