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Fighting Your Traffic Ticket in Court

Traffic tickets are court issued notices issued by an administrative law judge to a driver or other authorized road user, formally charging the driver with violation of traffic regulations laid down in the Highway Traffic Act. There are two types of traffic offenses in the UK: speeding and driving under the influence (DUI). Speeding refers to any movement made in excess of the speed limit applicable on the roads. For instance, it may be driving at a rate greater than the posted speed limit, or in excess of the speed that a driver may legally be using at the time of the offense. A traffic ticketing officer will issue a ticket if the offender does not possess an adequate driving skill, is using a vehicle that is not suitable for use as a private vehicle, or is operating the vehicle for unprofessional or improper purposes.

In the UK, the offense of speeding is regarded as a serious offence and offenders may face hefty fines and even loss of license. The minimum driving age is 16 years and one of the most common consequences facing drivers is a licence suspension. This is why it is important to be aware of your rights and options when it comes to speeding tickets. If you received a speeding ticket in New York, don’t panic. The first thing to do is to contact a traffic lawyer in New York.

Speeding penalties in the UK can include immediate suspension of driver’s license and a heavy fine. In some cases, a driver’s license may be suspended for up to one year and a penalty of up to three hundred and fifty pounds in England and Wales and up to six hundred and twenty-five pounds in Northern Ireland. For more serious speeding offenses, the penalties can increase up to one thousand pounds and/or seven hundred and thirty-five days in prison, probation, community service or intensive rehabilitation. In extreme cases, the driving license can even be completely suspended.

For people who already have a driving record, a traffic ticket can be extremely frustrating, not to mention expensive. The penalties associated with speeding can be compounded over time. Accidents caused by speeding increase insurance premiums as well as add points to an individual’s driving record. Speeding laws are constantly being changed in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities and costs, so understanding your rights is essential.

When a person receives their traffic ticket, they will usually be required to attend an informal hearing before a judge. In many cases, this will result in a citation or fine. In some cases, a person can have their case dismissed if they are unable to afford the fines and court costs associated with their violation. If you receive a traffic ticket in New York, finding a good attorney to defend your rights can be the best way to get the maximum possible penalty. Traffic attorneys in New York handle traffic violations cases all the time, so it is important that you choose one that has experience in defending traffic ticket clients in the city of New York.

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Whichever method of punishment your traffic ticket falls under, there is hope. If you are unable to afford the fines, the court may agree to reduce them, or provide a reduced penalty for your offense. If you have no other options, try to resolve your matter in a traffic court as soon as possible. An experienced traffic lawyer will help you fight your traffic ticket in court and get the highest possible compensation or resolution for your traffic violations.