Why Do VIP Need Bodyguard Protection?

One of the most common questions that I am asked as a martial arts instructor is, “Why do VIPs need Bodyguard protection?” I am sure you have experienced meeting or working with a very well-dressed person or group of people. They are usually surrounded by bodyguards or guards which makes me feel secure and confident. For the sake of this article, we will focus on the elite group of people i.e. VIP Protection Services. Although some may consider this subject as a waste of time or an unnecessary inquiry why don’t they just hire a private detective or a bodyguard, but as mentioned earlier we are discussing an issue of security.

You see, a Bodyguard has the added advantage over a private investigator or an investigator. A Bodyguard can not only protect you from harm but also prevent any unwanted or unplanned attention to you by unwanted parties. Bodyguards are well trained in kicking out bad guys and intruders. Remember it is their job to protect you. They have equipment and vehicles of every kind, to ensure that their job is done.

The question “Why do VIP’s need Bodyguard protection” would most likely arise in my mind if I were a VIP and it was my duty to protect them. But I do not work for the government and therefore I cannot protect them. But what if I were to work for a private detective agency, well my job would be to protect the VIP’s family and friends.

I would have to arrange for protection for important meetings or even for private cases involving high value individuals. So I would have to have good sources of funding and a considerable number of men and women who could supply bodyguards on short notice. If the case required me to travel around in search of possible suspects or the location of a threat then I would have to take along a team comprising of bodyguards.