What Is Mechanical Operator Training?

A person who is looking to join the ranks of nuclear power station operators must first complete a course designed to train him for this job. The course provides hands-on information about working in a nuclear power plant and the responsibilities that come with it. It will include topics such as safety and security, electricity, working with various materials and tools, as well as medical procedures and first aid. The course also covers a wide range of topics such as communications, building structures and maintenance, control rooms, intercommunication, production and processing, and reports. This course provides students with skills that are required to work at sea on a nuclear power plant.

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After completing the course, a person can apply for a job with the American Nuclear Energy Corporation, or ANEC. Upon acceptance into the program, a person can be able to work directly under the supervision of a certified nuclear engineer. As part of his/her training, the person is often required to take a second exam that proves his/her knowledge in mechanical operator training. This second exam, called the MCITP exam, is the highest level exam in becoming a nuclear engineer. The person then becomes a certified nuclear engineer. The certificate is not accepted worldwide, but it can serve to provide a bargaining chip should a company want to hire you later.

Today there are many schools that offer this training so that people from different backgrounds can participate in the program. The program usually lasts between six to twelve weeks and involves both classroom instruction as well as hands-on learning in the workplace. The course also allows students to expand their knowledge of topics related to the operation of a nuclear power plant. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field of work, a good nuclear engineer ingraining course can help to prepare one for his/her future career.