What Is A Servant Leadership Model?

Servant leadership is an organizational leadership philosophy where the primary objective of the leader is for them to serve. This is opposed to traditional leadership where the primary focus of the leader is the survival of the organization or the flourishing of the business. Traditional leadership focuses on the attainment of power, rather than how that power is being used. The concept of serving others is discarded, as power itself is the ultimate goal. By relying on the people and providing leadership that serves rather than leads, the organization becomes free of leaders who use their position to benefit themselves by controlling the resources of the organization.

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The benefits of servant leadership style are evident with the reduction of leaders who take personal pride in their position and make all the decisions themselves. It also decreases the number of total leaders who lead one-man or one-woman companies, since the number of people leading one company tends to become a barrier to the success of other companies. There are several characteristics to a good leader, such as a willingness to listen to employees and provide honest feedback.

As with any management style, the concept of servant leadership was not created equal. A proper study of various servant leadership models will help you discover what best suits your company and its employees. If you’re interested in exploring this form of leadership model, consult with a few businesses and see how they utilize this model and what their results were. A lot can be learned from studying the results of successful businesses.