University education refers to the educational coursework

University education refers to the educational coursework completed in tertiary institutions or colleges and at times includes a university degree program. Tertiary education is a professional academic degree resulting in the award of a university degree. Higher education, otherwise known as post-baccalaureate education, is a course of study leading to award of a diploma. Tertiary education includes graduate studies, doctorate studies and other forms of professional training.

Tertiary education provides students with highly specialized and comprehensive training in specific areas of study. Some of the areas that receive specialized training are arts and sciences, business, criminal justice, management, nursing, social work and education. University education trains students to work in these fields and helps them develop their skills and knowledge. Some universities in UK have introduced the module-based education system, under which students complete modules in different academic fields and then complete a profession based dissertation. This system has proved extremely popular.

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University education has become extensively common across all the countries because of the growth in the industries. There are various reasons behind the increased popularity of university education. First, tertiary level education provides better employment opportunities to the students who pursue higher studies, it is a fact that not everyone can pursue a doctorate at a good university and hence university education is the only way through which one may become a doctor.