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Treasure hunts aren’t only for children or birthday parties

Children’s parties are now the latest trend creating innovative and exciting themes and activities for kids’ birthday parties as well as other occasions isn’t easy. Parents are increasingly confronted with the need to come up with new and innovative ways to entertain crowds of students, friends from the neighborhood and children of all age ranges.

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A simple, inexpensive and very well-liked method to keep children entertained for any type of party or gathering, whether indoors or outdoors, is to play the traditional treasure hunt. Treasure hunts are the only game for parties that encourages interaction, naturally triggers laughter and excitement and leaves your guests with fond memories of the fun-filled day they had at your child’s celebration.

What if your child does not wish to have a party themed around pirates? It’s okay! Treasure hunts don’t have to be just for pirates. Tradition says that pirates are the best prize hunters. However, the truth is that treasure hunts are enjoyed by kids as well as girls alike. They are perfect additions to any theme. Treasure hunts can be easily altered with a storyline, as well as a variety of decor to suit any theme. This is the only area of planning in which your child could already have a clear idea of what they’d prefer, and it’s best to include them in the option, since it will make the event the party their own.

For a more customized treasure hunt for a princess themed celebration, for instance it could be announced that someone stole the princess’s jewelry and anyone who can locate the missing jewels by finding the hidden clues is awarded with a portion of the treasure. Place a jewelry box full of crystal beads jewelry, candy necklaces and rings as well as other treats that resemble gems on the table at the event and ask someone to steal the treasure out of the celebration before giving the news. Some themes and decorations may be based on the most recent TV characters, superheroes pop stars and holidays or even your child may choose to come up with the theme of their choice.

Be careful not to fall for the trap of parents spending an astronomical amount on themed items for your party. Think about purchasing just a few colorful and vibrant decorations and/or centerpieces. You can then you can either match them with less costly accessories and party supplies or design your own. There are many great ways to let you and your child’s creativity to use to create your own unique celebration.

A few creative ideas that kids might like to make or have at their parties include authentic-looking , weathered pirate treasure maps, princess crowns , jewelry, spyglasses created from paper towel rolls or pinatas (handmade or purchased) and cardboard hooks that are inserted in the base of styrofoam cups to make their hands as Captain Hook, paper or felt-covered pirate hats as well as bejeweled and personalized bags, just to mention some.

While it takes some patience, thinking and resources You can create and play an original treasure hunt, which you can take part in as a group or compete with other teams. Develop and conceal 10 clues that guide players from one step to the following hidden in common objects until they finally find the treasure. This could include sacks filled with “loot” consisting of candy like chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, toys, party favors, and other things that are valuable to youngsters.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time, money, and party ideas like many busy parents and party planners, online sites such as offer affordable complete treasure hunts with pre-made custom clues full of rhymes and riddles that kids love to solve, the design of which can be the most time-consuming and difficult part of preparing a treasure hunt.

Make use of your imagination to create your party about the hunt, and you’ll have the ultimate unforgettable event which your child and visitors will be talking over long after the event has ended. While the treasure hunt will most likely be the highlight because it’s the most exciting and thrilling but don’t be afraid to include other activities that could complement the hunt, such as the cannonball toss with beans or balloons “Walk the Plank” using an in-depth pool filled with snakes and alligators in plastic Pan for gold with gold-painted rocks, wear costumes, participate in an peg-leg relay, create the pirate ship or castle using appliances, or play “Blackbeard says,” etc. The limit is only your imagination!

Treasure hunts aren’t only for children or birthday parties, they are great for fun-filled family nights as well as slumber party and picnics, classroom parties as well as other gatherings. Treasure hunts can bring your party to life with hours of stimulating and entertaining entertainment. The excitement of the hunt and solving puzzles frequently being the most exciting and memorable element in the entire day. Don’t be fooled by the thought that you cannot make your next party better than the one you attended. Through a variety of themes, brand new clues for treasure hunts, decorations as well as a bit of creativity it is possible to throw different and memorable events for the many years to come. They will don’t ever go out of fashion.