Travelers are advised to use a mask whenever they visit

Required Vaccinations Before Travelling To The Bahamas

You will need to have several vaccines before you can travel to The Bahamas. A MMR vaccine is recommended to anyone who hasn’t had it previously. You should get it tested if your immunity to the disease appears to have weakened. Tdap is also recommended. It stands for Diphtheria Tetanus, Pertussis, and Diphtheria. According to the Shim clinic, the vaccine should continue to be administered every 10 years.

Passover programs

Citizens of Colombia may travel to the Bahamas freely without needing a visa. The Bahamas does not require citizens from other countries to get a visa. You must have a valid passport that has been valid for at least three months since your intended departure date. When entering any establishment or airport, the government requires you to wear a face mask. It is important to adhere to local safety guidelines and health regulations.

The Bahamas is at high risk for COVID-19. Travelers are advised to use a mask whenever they visit public places. Avoid travel to The Bahamas if you have a weak immune system or have had severe illnesses in the past. Follow all health regulations in the Bahamas. You can find more information on the Embassy of The Bahamas COVID-19 page. After you get your vaccination, you will be prepared to travel to The Bahamas.