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Top Causes of SUV Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are one of the most common vehicular accident injuries. The driver of an SUV usually has less maneuverability than a car or truck driver, and therefore is at greater risk for a rollover accident. Rollover accidents are one of the leading causes of vehicular accident fatalities in North America.

The reason why SUVs have such a high accident rate is that they usually have less rolling resistance than other cars. Generally speaking, the longer the car’s wheelbase, the lower the center of gravity, which means the heavier the car. The longer the car’s wheelbase, the more prone it is to roll over. However, these kinds of accidents pose a greater danger to the passenger and driver of an SUV, not to mention pedestrians, other automobiles on the road, and even other SUVs on the road.

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If you or a loved one have been involved in an SUV rollover accident, you should consult with a skilled personal injury attorney immediately. A skilled lawyer will assess your case and determine if you have a serious legal case, or if the evidence will ultimately show that the driver of the other automobile was at least partially at fault. If your loved one has died as a result of being fatally injured in a suv rollover accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the other party’s insurance carrier. It is important to remember that liability coverage applies to all drivers, regardless of whether they are related to one another, and even though it was the at fault vehicle in the accident, you may still be eligible to file a claim against the other party.

If your loved one was a passenger in an SUV when it was struck by another motor vehicle, and that vehicle failed to stop at a stoplight or did not properly signal, you may be able to recover compensation for your loss or injury. In order for this type of accident to be considered a negligent act, it must be proved that the negligent party was aware of the unsafe acts or failure to act. Simply holding a sign does not mean that a driver of a passing vehicle must have notice of the sign. Even if the sign was flicked on or off, a suv rollover accident occurs when a vehicle fails to apply the brake or fail to apply any other mechanical devices necessary to prevent an accident.

Drivers of us are very familiar with rollovers because they happen so often. However, most drivers are not familiar with the fact that the rollover itself is caused by faulty tires, steering, suspension, and engines. Tires have too much tread, and they have nowhere left to grip on the road in case of a blowout. Without enough tread, a vehicle can easily slip off the road in a big hurry if it rolls over. This type of accident often results in serious bodily injury or even death.

Steering and suspension also contribute to lateral force rolls because they lack the weight balance necessary to keep a vehicle on a straight track even with rollovers. Gravity plays a huge role in sliding from side to side when vehicles accelerate, decelerate, or stop. Since vehicles accelerate and decelerate with nearly equal ease, rollovers from side to side can occur more often than one might think. Because the body of a suv is not as tough as other cars on the road (due to lighter weight and a less dense body structure), it presents a bigger opportunity for gravity to cause a rollover.