There is much more to a City apartments

There is much more to a New York City apartments than walls, floors, and windows — and much of it’s actually invisible to the naked eye, especially one who hasn’t rented in the city before. To prevent nasty surprises in your future, be prepared to assess each potential apartment without the eye of an inexperienced landlord. As you tour different apartments in New York City, pay attention to the following key points: how the building is oriented (some buildings are built on what is known as “permanent walls”), what kind of units are present (do they all have the common area), is there a common room feature (i.e. a kitchen/family area), and is the building in a good neighborhood? If you don’t feel comfortable answering these questions, perhaps it would be better to look elsewhere for your next rental.

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The Yacht Club – Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Yacht Club is one of the best New York City apartments for rent in town. Long, wide, and elegantly furnished, each unit features open-floor plans and unique finishes (from marble to brick). New York City holiday rentals in the Yacht Club are always bustling, and if you like to party hard (or simply want a quiet night in), book a unit at the Yacht Club.

Crowne Plaza – Home to one of the trendiest new developments in Manhattan, Crowne Plaza is a luxury-packed, ultra-chic New York City apartment building that caters to a discriminating crowd. From high-end retailers to art galleries and restaurants, Crowne Plaza caters to a certain kind of clientele: the yuppie set, comprised of wealthy New Yorkers who can afford to splurge without feeling guilty. As such, this apartment community is not the place for you if you have a squeaky clean lifestyle. In addition, there are often complaints of a bed bug problem in some units. If you live here, be aware that while this is true of most of the city, it’s particularly problematic in this building.

Lincoln Street – One of the hottest neighborhoods in NYC, Lincoln Street is the epitome of hip and happening. With boutiques ranging from pricey to moderately priced, Lincoln Street has it all including top-notch amenities and urban design. This is an especially good choice if you love the nightlife. The Lincoln Street apartments are relatively safe, although there have been instances of burglaries in the area. In addition, the majority of Lincoln Street apartments are located in desirable areas making them ideal for the growing number of people who are buying houses in NYC.

Southside Located directly south of Times Square, the Southside is a favorite among those who live on the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If you find yourself craving a taste of East Village or the luxury of a brownstone, then Southside may be just what you are looking for. However, don’t be fooled by its upscale image. There are a number of low-cost lofts that are available in the neighborhood, along with a number of high-end condos. It’s also ideal for those who want a more urban living experience, thanks to its abundance of public transportation and convenient stores. Although there are a small number of high-rise apartment buildings in Southside, many of them are lofts and are less expensive than the average loft in other parts of town.

The East Village – Another rising local trend, the East Village is lined with brownstones and century-old apartments. The units range from studio apartments to luxury townhouses and are priced to suit just about any pocketbook. The Village offers proximity to the best restaurants in the area and the shopping district of Broadway. Unlike Lincoln Street, which is solely residential, the East Village is made up of mixed-use commercial and retail spaces. With so many different options in terms of affordability, the East Village makes an ideal place to rent in New York City.