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Salad – The Easy Home Recipe That Everyone Loves

A salad is basically a dish containing mixed pieces of healthy food, usually with at least some crunchy raw vegetable included in it. Though some may be served cold, most are quickly and often cold served either at room temperature or cold. Of all the major ingredients listed above, the most used is lettuce. It is one of the easiest to prepare, cheapest, and most popularly used ingredients for any salad. Onions are also used sometimes, though rarely used as a main ingredient. Fresh chopped tomatoes are always welcome on a salad.

Though lettuce is usually the only choice of green item in a salad, other greens like radishes, spinach, squash, turnips, and green beans may be added. In any case, the main ingredient in a salad should be of a light taste such as lettuce, with other smaller vegetables being used only sparingly. Carrots, red and green peppers, squash, onions, cucumbers, asparagus, and other leafy greens are also common in salads. Salad dressing is almost always prepared by mixing one small can of tomato paste with one cup of water and one teaspoon of salt, or mayonnaise if you have a sensitive palate.


A salad can be prepared in many different ways, including using the freshest available ingredients and making your own sauce. The fresh vegetables used to play a very important role in any recipe, whether it is a salad or another type of cooked dish. It is not necessary to use a lot of dressing, as the vegetables themselves will do the job of both adding flavor and keeping the rest of the meal moist. Making a mixture out of strained or packed salad leaves is also an option, though the taste may be a little less than perfect, if the pieces are cut up into small pieces. Small pieces of the mixture are great for adding more taste to a salad or to add a nice little something extra to a hot dish.