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Polywood Rocking Chair Cushions Review

The enduring classic rocking chair style hasn’t stayed popular over the years for a very good reason. With its high straight back and comfortably contoured seat, a polished plywood rocking chair in olive is exactly what you should turn your backyard into a tranquil oasis, where you’re free to lounge, read, or just watch the world go by. Polywood is an incredibly tough and durable material, able to withstand years of use in any weather condition. It’s even naturally resistant to termites, making it a practical and long-lasting addition to any home or garden.

Polywood rocking chairs are available in different designs, depending on the shade of green and the finish used to protect it from the sun. The black models in particular have become exceedingly popular due to their timeless look, thanks to cleverly disguised finishes. Some of the more intricate details, such as the carved detail on the back of the chair, can only be seen when you look closely. As with any product, these chairs also vary considerably in price, with some selling for well over a hundred dollars each. A lower budget may make plywood chairs a little less attractive, but they will certainly last longer than their wood counterparts.

polywood r100bl presidential outdoor rocking chair, black

One reviewer pointed out a minor flaw in one chair that wasn’t immediately obvious upon first glance. The chair had a rather heavy frame made of steel, but this was covered by a thick layer of “blend” timber that was easily seen in casual browsing. This appears to be a common problem with plywood, as the grain tends to appear too smooth. Another problem is that it’s rather difficult to clean. This particular model required a lot of care – it took one reviewer four full days to get the finish sparkling white again.

Polywood is not the only type of wood used to make rockers and other furniture accessories. Softwood is also quite popular and is often employed to make pillows and cushions. Some reviewers suggested that these types of plywood rocking chair pillows were a little flimsy in comparison to leather ones, but that this particular complaint was rare. When compared to the typical cheap plywood rocker pillows you’ll find that they tend to be about twice as comfortable.

What makes polywood rocking chair cushions stand out is the fact that plywood has very little to give, so they don’t feel like they are compressed as traditional leather pillows do. This makes them far more durable and less likely to damage. If you live in an area with high winds or other weather conditions that could damage your other types of cushions, then plywood is probably a good choice. Additionally, they are far easier to clean, as even the toughest stains can usually be removed just with soap and water. Most people don’t notice, but even if you do, it’s not likely to leave a lasting mark.

Overall, polywood rocking chairs are quite good and are definitely worth taking a look at. They have all of the features you would expect from an outdoor rocking chairs and they cost much less than most other styles of rockers. You can buy them almost anywhere, though you are more likely to find them in department stores. If you can’t find one that you like in a store, you might want to consider shopping online. Many of the large retailers that sell outdoor rockers will have a selection of these pillows available for sale.