Polished Concrete Overlay Floors and Why You May Want to Consider Them

Polished concrete overlay floors can be a great way to remodel your house and add both value and curb appeal. They can even be alternatives to wood or tile flooring. If you aren’t into wood and tile flooring, though, polished concrete overlay floors may be just for you. Just like tiled floors, they also have a smooth, shiny finish. However, it’s a less shiny finish than say, marble or granite.
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Polished concrete overlay floors can come in many styles. For instance, there are smooth slate, marble or granite overlays, but they can also be found with texture, murals, raised patterns and stripes, as well as with solid colors. They also can have different textures based on what is contained inside the floor. For instance, concrete overlay floors that contain asbestos containing material may have a black or brown sludge zone, while the same materials contained in tiles will have their own unique coloration.

Polished concrete overlays make a great option for remodels because they are quick to install and very easy to maintain. There is no need to use a sealer, though there may be certain areas where one would be appropriate. In addition, the sealer acts to protect the concrete from weathering. Some people don’t mind the fact that they have to clean up debris and other small marks, but some do mind the sealer. The same is true for stone countertops, ceramic tile and wallpaper – you’ll still need to purchase a sealer or have the area sealed at least once a year.