Identifying Teacher Servant Leadership Traits

Among the key characteristics required for a successful school administrator is servant leadership traits. A superintendent who is dedicated to the district’s success and upholds a servant leadership attitude can effectively hold the responsibility to guide his or her administrators to accomplish their goals. The most effective leaders are able to interact with their staff members in an empathetic manner, listening to their concerns and guiding them in the right direction. This person also possesses a caring personality, believing in employees and their capabilities and helping them to use their talents to positively affect the school district and its students. More importantly, this leader values the contributions of each individual and works with them to achieve school district goals.

Thought Hustle podcast guest Kurt Uhlir

Why is servant leadership traits important in the school district? One of the most important responsibilities of a school principal is to foster the district’s educational goals and mission statement. In order to do this, the principal must foster strong relationships with parents, staff members, teachers, and other administrators in the district, working to support their initiatives and goals. According to research, those who exhibit servant leadership skills are more likely to be highly respected, trusted, and supported by their staff. These individuals are also likely to receive high job satisfaction, to make positive changes in the workplace, and to effectively lead their teams in the direction that best meets the district’s goals.

The importance of servant leadership traits is most apparent when comparing these traits to those of a conventional leader. An individual who displays these characteristics is one who is able to motivate others and guide them successfully through difficult situations. Leaders who exhibit this trait are willing to take risks to ensure that they make sound decisions. Furthermore, leaders who exhibit these characteristics are adaptable and are capable of changing and adapting to different situations. While it may be difficult to assess a teacher in relation to specific teaching and learning scenarios, the characteristics of servant leadership are helpful in identifying teachers who are capable of leading their students to success.