Idea behind having a mat on the trunk of the tree was originally

A lot of families follow a pattern of decorating their Christmas trees, following the same procedure every year, but result in a Christmas tree that is always similar, which is an excellent thing, but it can be a little dull after a couple of years. And then there’s the other who might be attempting to go out independently in the very first year.

In this post, we’ll explore methods of decorating your Christmas tree. If you’re just beginning to learn about this and are looking to learn how to get the job done right from the beginning, or are looking to do something new this year you’ll find these tips you need to be aware about.

How to decorate a Christmas tree Step 1: artificial or real?

One of the first things you have to possess is a tree, surely? The two options that you can make are to opt for one that is real i.e. it was in the ground just a few days prior, or you choose an artificial version.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of each. The original one is affixed with the feel, look and scent of Christmas however, it sheds and is replaced every year. However, the fake is much easier to move it doesn’t contribute to the mess and can be found in more than only green.

Real trees appear more attractive than artificial ones with organic decorations. Artificial Christmas trees are available which have fiber optic lights included and can save the user a great deal of time.

Making a Christmas tree 2. Selecting a color scheme

Certain colours will be more harmonious when placed together in your Christmas tree. If the tree you have is colored green (no matter if real or fake) and other colors like blue and red go very well together.

One of the best tips is to visit the local hardware store and visit the section for paint. The paint section generally have a diagram which will tell you about the paint colors that are most compatible with one another. This could also be an effective method of selecting the colors that will perform well together in the tree you have.

The process of decorating a Christmas tree is step 3. Let it be (small and glittering) lights

Every year it seems like there will become more diverse of lighting options available.

If you own a huge real tree, then it’s best to use larger bulbs. The tree’s size makes it easier for lights with smaller sizes to simply be swallowed by the tree. that means you need to buy more lights to achieve the effect you want.

In the past, we’ve mentioned that there are artificial trees with lighting built in however, you are able to include your personal. Since artificial trees do not typically offer the same durability of the real thing i.e. branches may fall much more easily for artificial trees It is recommended to choose smaller, less powerful lighting.

Shapes and colours will differ depending on the shape and colour, however if you go to the color scheme tips and you’ll be able to locate light fixtures that match the design of your tree.

Step 4. The decorations

The choice is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, and if you are using decorations given to you by your parents, make use of them However, there are some suggestions:

Are you a traditionalist or a modernist? Traditional decorations are plentiful that don’t fit with the modern, more contemporary decors. If you prefer traditional ornaments than modern ones, stick with them, and make the tradition of your tree – you will always have other options to put up the contemporary decorations.

DIY decorations are great regardless of the time they were created because hand-made always has a classic look to it. Tinsel is a different decoration which works great with modern designs and traditional schemes. Consider hanging tinsel in a small number instead of a single strip at a go – it’s quicker and gives the most interesting effects.

Decorating your Christmas tree Step 5: top of the tree that will make your eyes pop.

Are you a superstar or angel? Both are great, however there are alternatives that are available. It is all about the style you prefer.

If you’re raising children who want to create the family tradition of Christmas, so why not ask them to each make an annual tree topper that is different every year? These are surprisingly inexpensive as well as simple to create and a fantastic option to bring everyone closer – as well as stop children feeling excluded in the event that adults do the decoration task – and provide the base for a wonderful new tradition.

Step 6. Give to the tree a rug to finish

The idea behind having a mat on the trunk of the tree was originally to make sure that the dripping candles and needles wax was collected in a different location that your flooring or on your carpet. However, they’re actually an excellent method to decorate the commonly overlooked foundation on the tree , get a new tree from christmas tree wholesalers.

Mats are also an effective method to cover all the electrical wiring that connects into the tree. This makes it easier to clean and feels.

If you’re looking to bring some interest at the base of your tree, you could consider a Nativity scene? Perhaps, like they used to do in old films, a train that circling around the bottom or the trunk?