How to Paint Furniture With Black Chalk Paint

Black Clack Paint is a medium conditioning paint formulated for blackboards, walls and floors. It is a medium that can be used for a variety of different projects including home decors, crafts, and art. A very easy to use, non smudged, thick paint that works well on wood without the need for buffing or priming. Also available in different colors, it can also be used as an accent paint. Fast drying and easy to apply.

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Before learning how to paint furniture with black chalk paint, make sure you have the correct protective coat on your surfaces such as wax or acrylic paints. Any type of paint will require a primer before being applied with a brush. It is important to make sure you have primed both the wood and the canvas before painting as even the slightest mistake can cause the paint to not bond properly. Black chalk paint comes in a variety of different colors depending on what brand you purchase. The more popular brands include Stock, Picnic and Gallery Wraps.

One of the most important tools needed to paint furniture with black chalk paint is a grit sandpaper. Without grit sandpaper your lines will not draw well and there will be a lot of bare spots. Applying black chalk paint with a fine tooth brush is also a must as it will create a fine texture. To finish off your project you should add a protective coat of varnish or wax to protect the chalk and to give it some extra shine. Once you have painted the black chalk paint on your furniture and let it dry, you will then be able to enjoy the beautiful black color.