Finding the Right Student Accommodation

The most popular type of student accommodation is privately rented student housing. These are usually managed by landlords and are in the private rented sector. Students usually live in housemates, which is more affordable than sharing a room with strangers. This type of accommodation is typically located in an area of high student density, though it can also be found in diverse areas. Regardless of the type of property you choose, it is important to find one that is run by an accredited landlord. Some websites, such as Studentpad, help students find quality properties.

Getting the right student accommodation can be difficult, so you should consider a number of different factors before committing to a particular option. The first step is to decide on the type of accommodation you need. Are you looking for shared rooms? Or do you want an en-suite room? Once you’ve made that decision, you can then compare prices to find the most suitable one. Remember, the more expensive the accommodation, the better – and the more convenient – the living conditions will be.

If you’re a first-time renter, you’ll want to find a cheap student accommodation. While it’s more affordable than private rooms, you’ll need to pay a deposit for the rental. Make sure you have the money ready when the contract ends so you can move in with no worries. In addition, be sure to take out home and contents insurance, which will protect you against any loss of your belongings. If you’re staying in a shared house, it’s a good idea to purchase insurance as well, so you can protect yourself from any damage or theft of your possessions. You may also find that university halls offer insurance, but you have to pay for it separately.

A student can also opt for university-owned halls. This type of accommodation is relatively inexpensive compared to private housing. The price is usually comparable to other forms of student accommodation, and most uni-owned halls include shared bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, they are often run-down and grotty. Choosing between the two options is crucial. If you’re looking for a cheap but high-quality homestay, be sure to check the price before signing a contract.

Privately-run student accommodation is similar to university halls of residence, but it is owned by a private company and is based near the campus. These are usually the most expensive types of accommodation, but they may also have all the mod-cons you need. Visiting students are often accommodated in a local family’s empty room. The duration of these types of accommodations is usually less than a year. You may have to choose between private and university halls for the duration of your stay, depending on your study schedule and your budget.

Apart from private accommodation, university halls provide excellent opportunities for students to meet new people. Many students are also unable to afford private housing, so there is a need to find a suitable place to live. However, the university’s accommodation office will offer you the necessary guidance. You can also contact the university’s housing office to find the right place for you. The University of Northampton has a student hostel, which is a traditional block of flats and houses hundreds of students.