A shuriken is basically a Japanese concealed fighting weapon

A shuriken is basically a Japanese concealed fighting weapon which was originally used as an underhand mace or hidden dagger. The shuriken does not have a blade or any sharp components and is designed for maximum flexibility. The shuriken was originally a small sword that had been created to be used in close hand-to-hand combat. Although the shuriken was primarily designed as a concealed weapon, it was eventually adopted as an official weapon of the Japanese martial arts. The shuriken can be said to be one of the most significant martial arts weapons of the Japanese history and was eventually adopted and incorporated by other martial arts including judo, Goju-Ryu, Kiu-Yi and others.

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In order to understand how the shuriken can be used in combat, it is important to understand the basics of this legendary throw. Essentially, the shuriken was created to give the user an increased degree of strength and control over their throwing technique. The shuriken is primarily meant to be thrown in a straight line and should always be executed from a distance. In order to execute the shuriken, you must master the proper technique such as stepping back or standing back slightly, stepping forward, and then stepping into the throw. You must also be sure to keep your arms and hands straight and in place at all times during the throwing motion in order to ensure that the throw is as straight as it can be.

To throw the shuriken, you must first learn the basic steps and then practice them repeatedly so that you can perfect your form and create the perfect throwing motion. Once you have perfected the technique, you can then acquire the eight-pointed spear which serves as the core of the throwing technique. By learning and mastering the use of the eight-pointed spear, you will be able to use the shuriken as more than just a concealed weapon but as an actual weapon of great power that will allow you to defeat any opponent in a short amount of time.