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A pest control technician is also sometimes known as an exterminator

An exterminator goes into businesses and customer homes to inspect for pests or rodents. They then utilize the right method to eliminate or eradicate the pest, whether it be a poison, trap, or any other method. Some pest exterminators specialize in one method of eliminating pests while others have many different methods that they are good at. Some exterminators can even provide treatment for infested areas where other professionals will not be able to reach.

Radar Pest Control

One method that many pest control technicians use involves using baits. Baits are placed around the property that is being inspected in order to get rid of pests that have taken up residence there. Baits usually contain pesticides and/or chemicals that are lethal to the pests and work as decoys to draw them in.

One very popular bait is called “Bait”. This is actually an insecticide that is sprayed directly on pests and then replaced in the soil around the targeted areas. Baits can come in the form of dusts or granules. Baits can be purchased in a variety of styles and are usually sold in bulk amounts. It’s important to remember to replace the bait after each inspection.

There are also several mechanical pest control methods that can be used to get rid of pests. Mechanical pest control is often used when dealing with larger insects such as ants. It involves the use of a device that shakes or vibrates when pressure is applied to the side of the device or when the weight of the insect is exerted on the device. The insect is usually killed instantly as a result of the vibration.

Some pests are so small that a person can shake them and kill them. There are a couple of different types of this device, one type is called the “dust wand”. Another type is called a “narf stick”. Most pest control companies sell both types of devices. These products work great to get rid of pests that infest gardens, plantations and other large scale farming operations.

The use of pest control methods can be very inexpensive when compared to professional services. However, I would recommend trying to deal with the problem yourself first to see if it can be dealt with on your own. If you are not sure, then call a professional pest control company for advice. Npic is one of the better known npic companies and they have several options for pest control.